Pastors’ Wife Attempts Suicide After Mistakenly Sending Nudes To Church Whatsapp Group


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Osofo Maame, the wife of a Ghanaian pastor, has attempted to commit suicide after sending her nude pictures to members of her church by mistake.


Maame, in her mid-30s, has become infamous among her church and residents due to the photos and she was alleged to have tried committing suicide by drinking poison but was stopped by her family.


According to Mynewgh, Maame, who has become a subject of public discussion, especially among members of the husband’s church, was reported to have tried drinking a liquid poisonous substance but was stopped by her family members. reports that the pictures were actually for her husband who was out of the country but somehow the pictures were sent on the church’s WhatsApp group.


Attached to the uploads was a caption ‘It’s all yours when you return.’

Members of her church group were shocked and outraged upon seeing the nudes.


Maame is first seen in a bathtub showing her thighs then in a later video she is facing the camera on her knees undulating her waist and touching herself auspiciously.


According to Emma Sadlier, who is a social media law expert, when you get yourself involved in sending nude photos, you should take precaution to avoid your contents getting on the internet as it can lead to a lot of anguish.


“Sexting is risky, but if you are going to get involved in sexting, taking intimate content of yourself, be very careful about how you store that content and who you are sending it to. Make sure you are sending it the right person. An extra technique is to make sure you can’t be identified in the picture, make sure your face isn’t in the picture.”

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    Is a mistake so let it remain that way

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