Australian Government Hit by massive State Sponsored Cyber Attack

Tony Abu Momoh
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Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has announced a massive ongoing cyber attack on major Government and private entities and corporations in the country by a state sponsored entity.

Morrison announced on Friday morning that Australian Government agencies and Business have been particularly targeted by a sophisticated state based cyber attack.

This activity is targeting Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of government, industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure,” the Prime Minister Said.

“We know it is a sophisticated state-based cyber actor because of the scale and nature of the targeting and the tradecraft used.”

The Australian cyber security centre by issued a threat advisory saying the cyber attack is nothing new.

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They revealed that the hackers exploited vulnerabilities in Telerik UI, and other services like SharePoint, Microsoft Internet Information Services and Citrix were Business failed to patch vulnerability being exploited.

They also revealed that the hackers used spearphishing methods to obtain access to Australian Government files and departments.

They further advised the public to carry out basic cyber hygiene by making use of patch softwares, use two-factor authentication, and implement ACSCs to respond to the hackers.

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