‘Avengers’ Boasts Record $250m Opening Weekend


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The latest Marvel instalment and highly anticipated, Avengers: Infinity War” took in $250 million in the box office in its opening weekend, the highest North America opening of all time, industry estimates showed on Sunday.

The film features more than 30 superheroes fighting to save the universe, pushed “The Force Awakens,” down in the list the popular seventh instalment in the long-running “Star Wars” franchise which took $248 million in its opening weekend in 2015.

Marvel had made 18 films before “Infinity War” making it the 19th film in the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film has combined nine franchises into it and sports a class list of top Hollywood actors.

Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man; Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange; Scarlett Johansson is back as Black Widow, Australia’s Chris Hemsworth is Thor and Chris Evans is Captain America.

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