Avengers React to Break up rumors, To meet with Jonathan


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It was reported yesterday that the notorious Niger Delta Avengers who have been causing tension in the region had broken up into 2 factions.

The other faction called themselves the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) and had promised to expose those responsible for the heinous acts perpetrated.

The Avengers have come out with a statement denying the breakup rumors and stating that those parading themselves as the RNDA were imposters out to cause mischief.

“The NDA is too busy at the moment to be distracted by people like Jude Kekyll. He is not part of us and cannot be part of us. All our operatives are united and we are all together.” they said.

There have also been indications that President Goodluck Jonathan will meet with militant groups with the aim of bringing peace to the region.

This was confirmed by The Bayelsa State-based Niger Delta Peace Agenda (NDPA) who said that Jonathan had been meeting quietly with heads of militant groups with the view of convening an all-encompassing session where fruitful dialogues could be had.

In a statement by the NDPA, yesterday, and signed by Timie Boroh, they warned that all the militants should listen to Jonathan and hear what he had to say and give peace a chance.


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