See How long It Takes An Average Nigerian To Save Up For iPhone 11


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Apple phones are luxury products that almost every Nigerian wishes to own. If only wishes were horses! A recent analysis has shown that it will take the average Nigerian 122 days to save up to buy the latest Apple phone, iPhone 11.

The analysis compared the average salary of a Nigerian which is ₦71,690.48 to the current price of the latest phone in the newly released iPhone series. iPhone 11 (64GB) costs about ₦419,500.

This translates that a Nigerian would have to consistently work for 122.9 days to save the funds required to buy an iPhone 11. However, this does not include other living expenses such as food, transportation, etc

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This sharply contradicts the analysis for Switzerland which showed that it would take an average Swiss man 4.8 days to buy the latest iPhone due to the country’s attractive salary structure. An American, on the other hand, would have to work for 5.8 days to be the proud owner of an iPhone 11.

See a graph for the analysis.


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