Avoid Indecent Dressing, Nollywood Actress Warns Ladies


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A Veteran Nollywood actress,Victoria Inyama, has urged Nigerian ladies to dress in a decent manner to avoid getting raped.

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Inyama, who condemned the high rate of raping across the country since the COVID-19 pandemic began, took to her Instagram page @iyamu.victoria to advise Nigerian ladies on the dangers of indecent dressing in a video clip.

She said that ladies should endeavour to dress appropriately so that they would not “trigger” the perpetrators of rape crimes.

“Appropriate dressing and comportment. l beg my ladies (minus the minors or aged victims) to please.. dress in appropriate clothing, to reduce the trigger for the perpetrators…

“A lot of these perpetrators have underlying mental health issues and being around them in certain clothing is a trigger…..sadly, the victim still gets to be shamed and ridiculed.

“So, it will be wise to safeguard yourself.

“Yes, it’s not about the dressing as some will say, compare with Europe and America, but remember they take rape cases seriously unlike in Nigeria…Think about it,” she wrote.

Inyama is a popular Nigerian actress known for the TV Series “Ripples”.

The renowned actress joined Nollywood in 1990 after she was introduced to the Nigerian Movie Industry by a veteran Nollywood actor, Alex Usifo.

She rose to limelight in the movie industry after her brilliant role in TV Series “Ripples” aired on NTA in the 1990s, a movie produced by Zeb Ejiro.

She has since starred in several movies, some of which include: “Lost Passion”, “Glamour Boys”, “Silent Night”, “Danger Zone”, “Love From Above”, “Iyanga”, “Ofeke”,  “Holland”, “Heat”, “Mothers Cry”, among others.

Inyama is a creative, skillful and highly talented Nollywood actress, gifted in the interpretation of roles in movies.

She could as well accept any character assigned to her by movie producers in Nigeria.

The actress, who once vanished from the movie scene, attributed her absence to marital responsibilities.

She, however, made a comeback with a movie “Talking Dolls” in 2017.

The movie was adjudged the best at the time and had the cast of top Nollywood stars like Mofe Ducan, Daniel K Daniel, Tamara Kimboye, Bellinda Effah and others.

“Talking Dolls” was a movie that addresses societal issues like sex abuse and its attendant problems and was cast in London.

Inyama’s immense contributions to the growth of entertainment industry has made her outstanding, coupled with the numerous movies she acted before relocating to London.

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