Babasuwe’s son writes open letter to Nigerians


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Babasuwe’s first son, Adesola Omidina has published an open letter which he wrote to Nigerians, appreciating their support and assistance towards his father’s health crisis. Read his letter below.

Babasuwe’s son writes open letter to Nigerians

Dear Sir/Ma,

It gives me great pleasure to express the gratitude of our family to every Nigerian/Baba Suwe’s fans, Non-Nigerians home and abroad. Starting with my mother, His Excellency Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (Ori idobale ni mo wa sir), TAMPAN President & Members, Movie Marketers, Late Barrister Aturu & his wife, Mr. & Mrs Segun Rasco, Mr. & Mrs. Whesu (Awokoya) Pittsburgh, Mr. Kola Olotu, Mr. Yomi Fabiyi, Jamaica Hospital New York, Federal Ministry of Health, Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH) staff, Nollywood Colleagues, Media Houses, Journalists, bloggers, Human Rights NGOs, clergymen and so on. Kindly pardon me if any commission.

On behalf of Omidina family, I like to deeply thank everyone for your countless support, financially, morally and otherwise. The love shown to my father Babatunde Omidina (a.k.a Baba Suwe) is so enormous and extra-ordinary, especially in the last 6days. The contributions and those still contributing to my father’s road to recovery are unimaginable and unthinkable. This is simply Pure Love.

I can see the favor and grace of God in my dad’s life. It is our prayers that in few months time, with your continued prayers and support, he will return fit, healthy again and back to the screen. He sends his deepest appreciation and will, of course, do personally later.

The family will never forget this unique love, care, and acceptance. God bless all the hands that giveth, they SHALL NOT LACK. Our family wishes everyone the best of sound health and prosperity.
With sincere humility and gratitude.

Adesola Omidina (@twenty2ndstudios)
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