Baby Rescued By Elderly Lady After Father Had Thrown Her Away


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A Chinese man from Xuanwei in China dropped his newborn daughter in a dumpster just because he thought she was going to die.

Footage from CCTV cameras shows the man holding the baby wrapped up in a bundle in a paper bag and depositing the bundle on the mound of trash.

He is then seen walking away briskly with his hands in his pockets in temperatures of 10C.

An elderly Woman who has been named a ‘guardian angel’ was passing by and heard the baby crying and salvaged the baby out of the trash. She found the umbilical cord still attached and handed the baby over to the local authorities Sources at Yunnan Daily report.

Police investigating the matter tracked the man down to his home, where he told police that he had figured that the child was ‘incurable’ as just a few hours after her birth she started to turn purple.

He said that the baby was delivered in their flat with no doctor’s intervention. He added that he left the baby on the bed for an hour to tend to the recuperating mother. He thought the change in the baby’s colour meant it was seriously ill and could not be cured.

However, medics upon examination proclaimed that the baby was healthy and had only changed colour due to the coldness of the air.

The suspect and his girlfriend were arrested on Tuesday evening, the day after he dumped the baby in the dumpster.


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