Bai Enpei, 70-year Old Member Of Parliament, Sentenced To Death In China


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Bai Enpei, a 70-year old member of parliament, has been sentenced to death in China for political corruption, with a two year suspension.

Enpei was brought before the court for abuse of political office for his personal interest. He was accused of collecting bribes totaling 246 million yuan, and going against the government’s policies.

vllkyt7gmco9jqc1i-f494d4f2President Xi Jinping, had launched an anti-graft campaign in 2012, targeting top government officials, the Armed Forces and State run enterprises, which he stipulated the official punishment for is death.

The former senior legislator with China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress, was also accused of owning excessive assets without a traceable source of income.

Chinese government claimed he intentionally misappropriated funds from the government and siphoned the money to his name.

Bai held the secretary’s position from October 2001 to August 2011.


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