Bakare, Sowore’s Co-Accused releases YouTube video from hiding


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22-year-old Bakare who was arrested alongside Omoyele Sowore has spoken from his hiding place.

In a 2-minute-video released on YouTube, the 22-year-old human rights activist accused the government of criminalizing protest and criticisms.

“My name is Adebayo Bakare publicly known as “Mandate”. As you all know Omoyele Sowore has been arrested by DSS. I am also in the middle of nowhere because the DSS officials are on my tail.”

He also stated their (Sowore and Bakare) demands to the government.

They are as follows;

  1. That the oppressive ruling class should return power to the democratic control of the people.
  2. A secure and just society for all
  3. A decent life for every Nigerian.

Sowore’s Co-Accused called out the oppression enablers in Nigeria. According to him, those who keep silent in the face of this oppression are as guilty as the oppressors themselves.

“Our enemies are those who allow the destinies and dignity of millions of Nigerians to be stolen by the few oppressive class”

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“Our enemies are the onlookers in this face of injustice and oppression” he said.

Bakare made a clarion call to well-meaning Nigerians to make a collective effort “to rid themselves of the political gladiators” masquerading as leaders of the nation.

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