Bakkasi LG Chairman Accuse Civil Defence of Extra Judicial Killings


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Hon. Iyadim Amboni Iyadim, the chairman of Bakassi local government area has accused officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) of extra judicial killings.

According to the chairman who spoke to the Daily Post the civil defence officials shot and killed two youths in the local government over a matter that did not require violence or killings.

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Iyadim accused the NSCDC of embarking on raid without following due protocol which led to the killing of the two youths by its officials.

“The Civil Defence caused the whole problem, they embarked on such an operation and raided the area without informing anybody on ground, it was a very bad operation. However, the situation is under control, we have talked to the warring factions and everything is calm. the chairman said via phone. The head of the Civil Defence Office in the State has told us that the suspects have been arrested and they are in their cell and the matter is under’.’

The chairman who called for thorough investigation of the incident said he has received the assurances of the area commander of the civil defence in Bakkasi that the officers who committed the act have been apprehended and would face in-house disciplinary measures before being charged to court for murder.

“In fact, as we speak, the officer and his accomplice have been arrested and will be charged to court next week, we cannot continue to waste the precious lives of our youths because of selfish interests.

“It is high time we correct these ills by dismantling unnecessary roadblocks to check the alarming rate of extortion associated with enforcement agencies.”

He thereafter appealed to youths in Bakkasi not to carry out reprisal attacks,. He also urged residents to go about their daily activities because other security agencies have been directed with protecting their lives and property.

On our part, we shall initiate a strategy to check security and soon, we will constitute a vigilante group that will feed us with intelligence to keep the area safe and secure.”

The chairman expressed his condolences to the families of the murdered youths and promised that such unfortunate incident would not be allowed to repeat itself in future.

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