Bale to Manchester United: “No One Can Afford Wages”- Pundit


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There had been speculation that a Gareth Bale to Manchester United transfer could happen, but it seems increasingly likely that the Welsh striker will be staying in Spain.

According to former Manchester City player and fellow Welsh countryman, Craig Bellamy, Manchester United will be unable to match Gareth Bale’s wages.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bellamy said: “Where could he go?

“Man United can’t pay his wages, nobody can. There’s only one club that can pay his wages.

“That’s the world he’s in at this moment. The wages he is he’ll have to take a massive wage cut to go elsewhere.

“And I’m sure he would do but realistically then is someone then going to go and buy him?

“How can a club go and spend £80m, £90m?

“I know Juventus did for Ronaldo but Ronaldo’s a different purpose, that’s a different world of business.

“But Gareth, how can you go and spend £80m,£90m, £100m for a player you’re not going to get any return on?

“Maybe as part of a part-exchange deal but Gareth won’t be part of any part-exchange deals, he’s too good a player for that.

“So I just don’t see it being a possible move for anyone to get anywhere near.”

With the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, the possibility of a Bale to Manchester United transfer is looking less and less likely with the possibility of Bale taking on a more starring role in the attack as Madrid only have Benzema who they are open to selling and new signing Vinicius Junior being only 18 years of age.

Bale had been unsettled last season with a lack of football and the 29-year-old spoke after the Champions League final about the possibility of a future elsewhere. It was then that the Bale to Manchester United rumours began, but it seems not that it won’t happen.

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