Banana and Milk: Healthy to Eat or Not to Eat?


Banana and milk is one common combination. It is mostly used in the making of smoothies and shake but, people seem to condemn this mixture.

A lot of speculations about the combination can be found on the internet. Some say it causes congestion and destroys the digestive system, others say it can damage your waistline.

We need to understand that consuming the combination of milk and banana has several benefits attached to it.

Firstly, both banana and milk are rich in amazing set of nutrients. While milk is a vital source of minerals, protein and vitamins, bananas contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese and fiber. Together, they form a powerful stronghold because the nutrients embedded in each has properties that enhance human health. Their benefits include;

  • Strengthening the bones
  • Improving nerve function and muscle contractions
  • Contains antioxidants that prevent cell destruction
  • Increases your intake of useful vitamins and minerals

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Going further, the banana and milk mixture is excellent for a post-workout/exercise meal. After a workout session, it is important that we consume foods that will replenish lost fluids, strengthen weakened muscles, repair worn out tissues, improve body performance, assist in enhancing workout aim and speeding up the rate of recovery – the combination contains the nutrients needed to achieve this. They are packed with proteins and carbohydrates that help repair tissues, rebuild broken down glycogen stores and boost muscle synthesis.

With all being said, there is however a potential downside or disadvantage of this fruit and dairy combo – they can result into increased weight gain. Both banana and milk contain great amount of calories such that, an overly consistent consumption of it causes your calorie levels to spike, leading to an unexpected weight gain over time

Furthermore, some claims suggest that the combination is incompatible and should be avoided because it can tamper with metabolism and digestion while increasing toxin and sinus congestion levels. Well, there are no solid back up to support this claim.


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