Bandits Ambush Soldiers in Niger State, 10 Missing in Action


Soldiers responding to distress calls by villagers under attack by bandits were themselves ambushed and attacked by the assailants on March 15.

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, the attack occured on the outskirts of Galadima Kogo in Niger State.

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According to the report, a combined force of Nigeria Army troops, mobile policemen and vigilantes suffered heavy casualties during the attack after which ten solders were declared missing days after the ambush.

The troops who responded to the distress call from the village included soldiers, mobile policemen and vigilantes.

It was further revealed that by the time they arrived at the village, it was already pillaged by the bandits who abducted several persons and an unspecified number of cows.

The troops thereafter went in pursuit of the bandits with support from a Nigerian Airforce attack Chopper.

The troops however ran into an ambush after the chopper went to refuel at 2pm after which all communication with their base was lost.

By the time they were rescued almost two hours later, 10 men were missing while four were seriously injured and had to be evacuated.

It was gathered that military reinforcement was dispatched to search and rescue the missing personnel.

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