Chaos in Banking hall over Disappearance of Genitals


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All hell broke loose in the banking hall of a popular Nigerian bank in Benin after a bank customer reportedly lost his genitals in the new generation bank.  The middle-aged man out of panic stripped his clothing, screamed for help, claiming his manhood had stopped functioning.

The unfortunate incident happened at a bank along Sapele road in Benin, and bank customers were thrown into a state of confusion after the man whose name is withheld for security reasons,  removed his clothing, began to shed uncontrollable tears while holding his shrunken manhood, thereby disrupting all other banking activities.

This caused other bank customers to panic as everyone reached for their side pockets to ascertain if their genitals were still in full function.

An eyewitness reported that the man began to complain of his lost manhood after a fellow bank customer standing behind him in a queue, touched him.

The eyewitness who is a salesgirl identified another bank customer for being responsible for the genital theft. The accused initially denied the allegation but after threats of jungle justice, he confessed of using diabolical means to steal the manhood. The accused pleaded for mercy and promised to restore the missing manhood.

However, his plea for mercy fell on deaf ears as angry youths descended on him and beat him to a pulp. All efforts by the bank management to stop the youths proved abortive.

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The quick intervention of the Police saved the day, as the accused could have been beaten to a state of unconsciousness.

The eyewitness who spoke to Tribune online, said

 “The armed policemen came in a van and dispersed the crowd. They (policemen) prevented jungle justice and breakdown of law and order at the bank premises.

“The man who lost his manhood was not even ashamed, everybody was just looking. The thing became flat.

“The bank staff and everybody including passersby were just watching the show. It was a pitiable sight.”

The Edo state Police Command through their Spokesman Mr Chidi Nwanbuzor said it was necessary for the Police to intervene to avoid a total breakdown of the law and order.

Mr Nwanbuzor who is the state Superintendent of Police also disclosed that the case of Voodoo is not recognized by the law and hence has to be handled with caution.

“The arrest by the police was just to ensure that there was the maintenance of law and order in the bank. The case of somebody penis disappearing is not known to law.

“How do you know who is responsible for the disappearance of the penis?” he asked.

However, he revealed the accused and victim were both in the custody of the police for proper questioning and investigation.

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