Banky W: My wife doesn’t have to know how to cook


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Mr. Capable, Banky W has chosen his side on Pastor Abeboye’s ¬†recent sermon about how wives should know how to cook before marriage.

It has been one that has dominated discussion on social media and society at large with people on opposite sides of the divide.

Banky W has stated that he actually doesn’t mind if his wife can’t cook and that it doesn’t bother him one bit.

He said this In a short clip shared yesterday from an upcoming episode of Ebony Life TV’s Moments Nigeria.

“I cook. My wife doesn’t need to know how to cook. I actually enjoy it.” he said.

This will come as good news to Banky W’s many admirers it is reckoned. The singer recently shared messages he’d received from female fans who say they have seen visions that he is the one for them.

The singer was quick to shut them down stating that if he doesn’t see the vision too then it can’t really be from God.

He’d also told people to stop with the marriage shaming and that he’d get married when the time was right.

Toke Makinwa, who is a co-host on the show went on to ask if he will marry a girl who can’t cook at which Banky W reiterated his position, saying “Yeah of course. It’s not a problem.”

You can see the video below.


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