Battle Scene In the Final Season of Game Of Thrones Took A Whopping 55 Days To Shoot


Game of Thrones will enter its final season in 2019 to the sadness of many fans, but this just means that the crew is planning huge things for the incredibly popular HBO series.

Anticipation had already been on an all time high when it was revealed that directors Miguel Sapochnik (“Battle of the Bastards”) and David Nutter (“The Rains of Castamere,” AKA the Red Wedding episode) were returning to film episodes of “Game of Thrones’” final season.

The anticipation is even higher now after an Assistant director, Jonathan Quinlan, disclosed that a Season 8 battle scene took 55 days to shoot.

He took to Instagram to say this with a photo which he cpationed; “Says it all. 55 consecutive nights. 11 weeks. 3 locations. You’ll never see anything like it.”

The post was deleted, but not before superfans had obtained screenshots.

This is not the first time that a battle scene has taken ages to shoot, the aforementioned ‘Battle of the Bastards’ took 25 days to shoot which was not something to sniff at.

“The Battle of the Bastards” reportedly required 600 crew members, 500 extras, 70 horses, and 65 stuntmen to shoot.

With this, it would mean this new season 8 battle scene would be making history as the longest battle sequence to shoot.

At this point, we literally can’t wait for the new season to come.

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