BBNaija: Beauty predicted to get a second strike over yet another fit of rage


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Viewers Predict that BBNaija’s Beauty may be given another strike tonight or even earn a disqualification for her poor behavior and fits of jealous rage.

The Miss Nigeria beauty queen developed a relationship with fellow housemate, Groovy, over whom she had this episode of jealous rage. She had previously been involved in an altercation after the Saturday night party last week and this would be the second time.

This time, she was upset over him dancing with Level 1 housemate, Chomzy. Groovy admitted that she had previously given him permission to dance with anyone but Chomzy.

Unfortunately, her reaction was over the top, probably due to excessive alcohol intake and it could earn her a second strike or even outright disqualification.

Many viewers wonder if this is her true nature or if she is merely trying to portray the script of her problematic but widely supported and loved predecessors.

Unfortunately, the viewers of this season are not buying this script and are more irritated than supportive of her toxic displays.

Another speculation that may be more accurate and co-exist with the previous narrative is that she cannot handle her alcohol. These exhibitions of uncontrollable anger are usually the aftermath of Saturday night parties which are usually flooded with alcohol.

Viewers have advised housemates severally to take only what they can handle but Beauty seems to be getting ahead of herself every time.

The consequences of last night will probably be made known today during the eviction show.

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