BBNAIJA: Biggie Penalizes Stuntman K-Brule And Khloe


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Big Brother Naija housemates K-Brule and Khloe were informed by Biggie that they were two strikes away from being disqualified due to K-Brule’s reaction when Anto kissed Lolu. As Brule and Khloe were partners, Khloe was ordered by Biggie to join Brule in carrying out his punishment though she had no direct involvement in his actions.

Biggie went on to issue a warning to K-Brule because he reacted weirdly after Anto whom he had a crush on refused to kiss him but instead kissed her partner Lolu, a move which angered K.Brule who went ahead to jump down the stairs and broke his ankle afterwards.

“Physical harm, regardless of intention, playful or spiteful, is unaccepted in the house.” warned Biggie.

Big Brother had earlier made housemates aware that whatever offense committed by a housemate, their partner would also bear the punishment. Khloe who has a knack for controversy has one strike against her which has seen her and K-Brule being excluded from head of the house tasks.

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