BBNaija: 3 important points to learn from SymplyTacha’s disqualification


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Big Brother Naija reality game show has announced the disqualification of Symply Tacha after she got physical with housemate Mercy  during a hot argument .

Never be overconfident

The self-acclaimed Port-Harcourt first Daughter has shown traits of her overconfidence several times. Symply Tacha had earlier been given two strikes,  just a strike short of being disciplined by the management of the Reality show.

However, Big Brother in its kindness cancelled and forgave all strikes. Tacha who had every opportunity to start on a clean note, and put up her best behaviour instead got into a physical altercation with Mercy.

One could also attribute her overconfidence to the fact that , she kept surviving every nomination for eviction. Tacha was the most nominated housemate in the BBNaija season four Pepper Dem season but her strong fan base was up to the challenge as they were always successful in voting to keep her in the house week in, week out.

What works for others may not work for you

In the 2018 Big Brother Double whale reality game show, Ceecee was the most controversial housemate. She seemed to have an issue with everyone, Lolu, Miracle, Alex, Tobi etc. Inspite of all the issues and controversies Ceecee was known for, in the Big Brother house  she was able to rise above them all and she is presently the 2018 BBNaija with the highest endorsement deals. Ceecee has become so successful that she recently launched her own gym wear company.

One could say Symply Tacha was trying to follow in the steps of Ceecee but look where it got her!

Always remember that it worked for A, does not guarantee it will work for you too.

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Don’t be yourself,  Be a better version of your present self

No one is perfect is not an excuse for you not to change your bad habits. Take responsibility,  make conscious efforts to be better. If Tacha already knows that she has anger issues, then she should teach herself to walk away in uncomfortable situations.

People will always provoke you but is that an excuse to beat them up? Definitely not! Avoid drama if you know you may lose your self-control.

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