Drivers to face fines for not giving way to pedestrians

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Beijing traffic police on Thursday began enforcing a fine of 200 Yuan (29 dollars) for motorists who fail to give way to pedestrians on crosswalks.

The violation would also result in a loss of three demerit points, when motorists loose all 12 points they must retake the driver’s license test.

Traffic police and volunteer civilian assistants would be stationed at the first batch of 46 crossings within the city to enforce the rule.

It has been made clear that even if a right turn on a red light is generally permitted, drivers must stop for pedestrians.



The enforcement of the fine came days after surveillance camera footage went viral showing a woman in central China’s Henan Province being hit by a taxi while on a crosswalk.

Traffic police said when she was still lying on the crosswalk she was run over by a second car.

Traffic police records showed that in Beijing in 2016, 18 people were killed, and another 21 injured in 37 accidents that involved motorists failing to give way to pedestrians on crosswalks. (Xinhua/NAN)

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