Being the Champion you were born to be.


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We live in a time when it seems everything operates on a “fast forward” bases, we have younger and younger people taking up the realms of power and decision making worldwide, never has it happened at any other point in time that we had at least 3 of the 10 richest men alive coming from the under 30 generation.

Companies that are revolutionizing the way we think and interact are springing up daily… Businesses that have been in existence for 100’s of years are packing up and closing shop… This is the era when it is estimated that knowledge doubles every 5 years. Yet in Nigeria, we are still battling with the basics like education, Power and Basic health care… We have a society that has more than 80% of its citizens living under the poverty line. Everywhere you look, you see lack and need,  graduates these days simply go in search of higher qualifications(Masters and Professional Degrees), simply because there are no jobs available, we have a system where we are becoming an intellectually bankrupt society… Imagining this scenario, what do you feel…Is it Anger, Disgust, Pain, Sympathy? Hmmm, if any of the above happened to be your immediate response, then let me tell you “You still have your head in the wrong place”, because when I imagine the state our country “Nigeria” … all I see are opportunities, I see the unique chance of becoming a professional in any field I so desire, what I see is a virgin land that can be shaped and constructed to imitate any future I so desire…

Being a champion is not about your school, your background, it is not about your business idea,  the truth is that being a champion is also not about you ever getting stopped,  being the champion you were born to be is about how you live, it is the habit of  transforming every setback into a stepping stone. An Africa adage states that “It is the tree that has the most fruits that suffers the most attacks by stones from people” so it is with you…. Your idea or business plan stays an idea or business plan till you “run with it”.

Living the life of a champion is a learning process, in fact this is how the universe teaches us, we attempt, we fail, we learn and we try again and we keep trying till succeeding becomes second nature to us and even then we never stop learning…

Success without a story is never so sweet and the feeling we get when we think back and remember the many challenges that led to the feet we finally achieve. Living the life of a champion always starts from trying and trying, failure or defeat; as long as it is temporal is natural in fact, it is welcomed.  The ability to succeed is within you, all you need to do is believe and act, your perception has a way of driving you, for instance; Two investors come into Nigeria and all the first investor can see is “crime, insecurity, Corruption, Poverty “and the second investor comes in and he sees multiple opportunities to make investments and maximize returns…

Never limit yourself to your environment; never expect the government to provide you a source of living… Condition your mind to see the rainbow behind every cloud”… The ultimate secret to living the life of a champion is this:

  • Identify a need.
  • Create a solution (or improve pre-existing solutions),
  • Work at it
  • And finally “Never Quit”…

You have to reach the stage that even if you wanted to quit, you find it impossible.

The fact that you have a good idea doesn’t always mean the solution (Finance, Resources and Network) would drop on your lap, the idea is to “keep learning, keep reading, keep applying yourself and never stop growing, NEVER STOP”…

Living the Life of a champion is about the choices you make, the consciousness you have of every moment… so my question to you is this “How is you day going to be spent”?

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