Amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin


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Coconut oil is a highly saturated type of fat that is traditionally made by extracting the oil from dried coconut kernels or raw coconuts. It can be used in cooking or improving skin and hair conditions. The benefits of coconut oil on skin includes:

  • Reduces inflammation

The oil is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that assists in reducing skin-inflammation symptoms associated with various skin disorders by boosting antioxidant status and reducing oxidative stress. It also relieves pain caused by inflammation.

  • Heals wounds

Studies have shown that treating wounds with coconut oil is effective because it speeds up healing process and increases level of collagen. It also has antimicrobial properties that prevent infection risk during healing process.

  • It treats acne

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of coconut oil assists in treating acne by inhibiting the growth of acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. For more positive results, the oils should be directly applied to the face of the area where the acne is located.

  • It destroys harmful toxins and microorganisms

Applying coconut oil to skin can prevent the growth of microorganism-related infections such as cellulitis, athlete’s foot, acne and folliculitis. The fatty acids present in the oil actively works in fighting off and destroying fungi and bacteria.

  • Effective for dry skin

Coconut oil significantly improves the skin condition by effectively moisturizing and hydrating the skin and reducing dryness. It is also said to treat eczema, a skin condition associated with scaly and itchy rashes.

Although the benefits of coconut oil are enjoyed by all, persons with oily or highly sensitive skin should always carry out tolerance tests on small portions of the skin to avoid further complications. The oil should also be used moderately as excessive usage can lead to potentially clogged pores.

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