Bequeathing A Legacy of Corruption


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Nigeria is yet to see the end of the corruption that engulfed the administration of the immediate past president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the Economic and Financial Crime Commission continue to make one damning revelation after the other about the atrocities committed under the last administration.

The series of revelations of shady deals that took place under the last administration can make Abacha sound like a saint (pun intended). So far, the major areas investigated by this administration have showcased the impunity that epitomized the last administration but after all, ‘stealing is not corruption’.
Nigerians are maniacally bewildered (apology to honorable Patrick Obahiagbon) on a daily basis as the public sphere has become awash with a deluge of allegations.

One is prompted to ask. Is something wrong with our morality as a nation? Are we so morally depraved that as a people we prioritize kinship over national interest? Come to think of it, when news of corruption breaks, a sane mind expects that serious people will rise above their differences and face the common enemy (corrupt politicians) but rather people see no wrong in the act of their kinsmen no matter the magnitude of the offence.

Aside the maddening brazenness showcased by the treasury looters, the domestication of the nation’s treasury as personal property is crystal enough to prickle the consciousness of sane citizens to revolt (anyway PVC did the magic).

The malice has gotten so deep that treasury looters have now transmogrified the act to their wards.
Recently, the Intelligence and Special Operation Section of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission reportedly traced over N5 billion to a bank account belonging to the daughter of one of the recently retired Army Generals being investigated by the Agency.

The Sun newspaper reported that the revelation was made by one of operatives of the agency investigating those indicted by Third Interim Report of the Presidential Committee mandated to audit the Defence Equipment approved by President Muhammadu Buhari earlier this year.

The same report also revealed that the alleged daughter of the Army General who is under 30 pleaded for more time to ‘attend to her infant child’

One begins to wonder, what kind of parents involve their wards in their corrupt practices? What legacy is such a father bequeathing his daughter? Can a morally depraved paternity beget morally sound offspring? Are we not modifying a gene of corrupt generation like this?

The General daughter’s case is not the only one. Not long ago, EFCC investigation revealed that a house worth N320 million was purchased for 28-year-old son of Former Chief of Air Staff, Alex Badeh with the money belonging to the Nigerian Air Force.

Similarly, a 25-year-old son of former FCT minister (without any known business) allegedly bought a nine million naira car while his father was being investigated for a purported fictitious contract of about one billion naira among other allegations. The list is endless.

These are youths and supposedly the leaders of tomorrow. Knowing the psychology of Nigerians, one wouldn’t be surprised if these descendants of corruption are either elected or appointed to post of authority in this country.
Where will the salvation of this nation come from? Don’t get me wrong, we have bright stars and qualify young Nigerians with good track records and unblemished reputation and integrity.

The question is will Nigerians give them the support to sanitize this Augean stable knowing full well that appointment in Nigeria is based on who you know rather than what you are capable of doing.

God save us from us!

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