Cupid Guide: Best Valentine gifts for that special woman

Most people think it is impossible to impress a girl on a low budget but it is possible. So if you are a sharp enough and  want  to make your girlfriend love you more this Valentine’s Day and beyond, try giving her any of these gifts and watch her trip for you even more. Just don’t say no when she proposes at Ikeja City Mall.


Nigerian girls surely love their gadgets. An average girl owns a smartphone, or an iPad, Tablet and even laptop. So imagine how happy you would make your girl by giving her a sleek new Android or better still, an I phone 6s. This is one tangible gift she is going to cherish for a very long time. Trust me, this one beats even the most expensive box of chocolates any day, any time!

Make up

Nigerian girls love makeup, infact every girl owns at least a lip gloss and an eye pencil. Yes, we love makeup!  It would be a pleasant surprise if you give your girlfriend a new designer makeup set or kit especially in this era of Buharinomics where makeup prices are at an all time high. How would you know her favorite brand? Simple. You can take a peek into her purse whenever she comes around or simply ask her casually so she doesn’t suspect what you’re up to. So what if your girlfriend isn’t a makeup kind of girl? You can then buy her a lovely designer perfume which she would definitely appreciate. Just know price doesn’t really matter here or brand, the most important thing is what it signifies.


 Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ and that is so true. But what if you don’t earn enough pay to afford a diamond jewelry? Improvise! There are other affordable pieces of jewelry you can still buy for her. Fortunately, gold and silver come in different grades, so choose the one the that is affordable. If your girl truly loves you, she will appreciate it all the same even if it is not Cartier. If she’s the type that likes beads and costume trinkets, lucky you! These are available almost everywhere, in different designs, and they are easy on the wallet too.

Buy her a shoe and a handbag 

Add a new pair of stilettos shoes to your girlfriend’s rack and watch her go super excited. They are always a plus. While a handbag is one necessity that a girl needs, most girls find it difficult to buy one (I am not sure why though). So a handbag for a gift is definitely a good idea.

Take her on a Date at Night

You can take her to any nice restaurant, or better still, you could have a date night in. Be a gentleman and treat her to romantic meal prepared by YOU! Honestly, she’s not going to forget this in a very long time. A stroll down to your favourite evening spot in the neighbourhood equally works fine if she’s okay with it. Remember, it’s a day to express your love for each other, and not a time to outdo yourselves in an attempt to impress. So go on and have a great time together. You would be surprise that it would not take as much as you think.

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