Between Okotie and Obama’s rights campaign – Ohio-Michael Elakhe


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A new world order has begun with the verdict legalizing same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court, and this obviously aligns with the foreign policy thrust of America’s Democratic Party. In a bid to receive global acclaim, even South Africa has surprisingly legalized this alien and offensive culture which is widely detested in Africa.

When Rev. Chris Okotie’s article recently praised President Muhammadu Buhari for his opposition to any idea that Nigeria could reverse its laws against gay rights, it brought Nigeria’s anti Same-Sex Marriage Act back into the court of public opinion, as the hitherto seemingly casual issue took a new dimension in the media. What is the relationship between political leadership, the anti-christ, sodomy and the cult of the beast? These are issues the Pastor’s comment threw up.

A close look at the societies championing the global adoption of Same-Sex Marriage shows that there is more to the trend than the human rights and civil liberties excuse that are being proferred. The decision by the United States and United Kingdom to issue threats of economic sanctions against non-conforming nations exposes sinister motives behind the legislation.

Of course, we can’t hurriedly forget Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk, who has done her ‘tour of duty’ in the Carter County Detention Center, Grayson, Kentucky, for refusing to grant a marriage licence to a gay couple. If we connect the dots, it is obvious that this is a preview to a bigger picture. With the viral impact of same-sex legislation, U.S. is pursuing a sinister agenda, and countries like Nigeria are just poster nations for their cause: The threat of economic sanctions is just a pre-emptive strike; there’s more to come.

Pastor Okotie has repeatedly said in his sermons that the future leaders, the adolescent and teenage generation, are the real targets of this onslaught, and to ensure that their psyche is prepared to accept this new normal, western governments are already making plans to ensure that they inundate the world with information to spike their interest in alternative sexual orientations. We can, therefore, understand why homosexuality has become an intrinsic part of their cultural export: films, music, fashion and politics.

Federal control over state-run education systems is on the agenda of Mr. Obama’s government, by using the Common Core curriculum- teaching children about sexual orientation, without their parents’ consent and against established school curriculum. According to CBN News in U.S., administrators of Public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, US, are preparing to force gender identity into the curriculum for grade 7 through twelve. The Family Life Education (FLE) lessons will include teachings on heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and trans-gender identity; can you believe that?

In essence, from kindergarten, students will begin to get lessons on these sexual orientations. By the 8th grade (JSS 2), students will be instructed on oral and anal sex, while 4th graders (primary 4) will be instructed on details of incest. Against parents’ wishes, the school board voted last May to add gender identity, a course which was neither part of the state law or state school board instruction. With the aid of an armed detachment of special police, over 200 dissenting parents were locked out of the voting process on the topic.

To ensure that parents, who were not previously consulted, cannot opt their children out of the ‘compulsory’ course, part of it is being moved from FLE to Health. U.S. government told parents in the County that if gender identity was not added to the curriculum, the Departments of Civil Rights, Education and Justice would withhold tax dollars from the schools.

This is the same threat to withhold economic aid that U.S. and U.K issued to nations that block their globalization of sodomy, and is evidence of how far they will go to arm-twist disapproving nations into reversing themselves and legalizing the perversion. This is blackmail, especially from a country that preaches democracy. U.S. and its economic allies in Europe are snow-balling this same-sex onslaught.

The lines demarcating right and wrong, the acceptable and the absurd, have been blurred by a corrupted view of liberty, which has degenerated their societies into enclaves where character traits and societal aberrations which were hitherto considered anomalies are now the norm. Even the basic discipline of errant children is interpreted as abuse: The result: Nations of insolent, uncouth, gun-totting, drug abusing and psychologically unbalanced children who grow up to be a menace to society.

As youths consume junk stuff by the minute through smartphones and the internet, our tech-savvy generation is feeding fat on dangerous secular materials, much of which directly celebrates sexual immorality, perversions, homosexuality, lewdness and other decadent cultures that are in total rebellion against the word of God.

Decency, ethics, morals and cultural values are the very basic building blocks of family, nations, civilization and an orderly society. This lack of parental discipline, and strong family base in a child’s formative years is a key factor in the cocktail of perversions which some of these countries, where everybody is trying to out-do the last act of absurdity just to become a news item. America, the cultural cesspool of the world, has entangled itself in the web of its own duplicity and self-created image.
As with the stupefying bravado of demanding gay rights, Americans continually find new expressions of rebellion against societal norms; their societies are reeling from a culture of negligence, believing it to mean empowerment, freedom and upholding of human rights. Human rights cannot exist without control, and when the foundations of reason and sound judgment are eroded, society slides into anarchy. The reports we are inundated with from the U.S., the greatest proponent of this style of governance is an eloquent proof of this.

If Nigeria allows the western world to determine her parameters of right and wrong, decency, morality and ethos of sound judgment, under the guise of being an upward mobile and liberalized world, where human right means a reckless abandon of sanity; the nation will pay a dire price for its folly.


This article was originally published on The Sun

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