Biafra: Buhari Will do Anything to Secure Nigeria- Tony Momoh


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Veteran Journalist and Former Minister of Information has said that President Muhammadu Buhari will do anything to secure Nigeria and he will never allow one part to cut off.

In an interview with Vanguard, Momoh emphasised that Buhari is a strict believer in the tenets of the constitution.

He said “Let me also tell you another thing Nigerians should look up to in trying to understand Buhari. President Muhammadu Buhari will do anything to secure Nigeria, which he is ruling. He will never allow any part of the country to cut off.

“This is so because the Constitution says Nigeria is a country indivisible. You can’t divide it, and so Nigeria must remain one under Buhari.

“One is advising therefore that in line with the Constitution, which Buhari will enforce, anybody having a grievance should settle it within Nigeria. And people have the right to express their grievances and have them settled.

“Running or breaking away from Nigeria is not an option, and it is only in securing Nigeria that there will be peace.”

Momoh who was the General Manager of Daily Times when Gen. Buhari was head of state described him as the most predictable President Nigeria would ever have.

He said “Many people don’t know General Muhammadu Buhari. At the time Tunde Idiagbon was the second-in-command and because of the free hand Buhari gave Idiagbon, people thought Idiagbon was the man in power. I am giving you this so that Nigerians would begin to watch Buhari.

“From what I am telling you now, I am making a statement that the most predictable man in the world is Buhari.

“If you want to know what Buhari will do, look at the rules guiding the decisions he takes. Read the rules and, since you know what the rules guiding those decisions say, you can predict him because Buhari will never bend the rules.

“Having said that, I am saying that Buhari will never interfere with the decisions of people and institutions he has delegated assignments, for example, INEC.

“He won’t interfere with the decision of the INEC. He won’t interfere with the decisions of the National Assembly in its power to make laws. He won’t.

“If the Constitution gives you power to do one or two things, Buhari will never interfere with the operation of the law that set you up. You can, therefore, say that he will turn out to be one of the most democratic leaders Nigeria has ever had because he won’t interfere with the institutions.”

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