Billionaire rockstar heiress Bim Fernandez in controversial new music video ‘Let’s Take it Naked’


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It’s been six months since billionairess Bim Fernandez burst onto the scene. Now her band is stirring up controversy with their new music video that has garnished over 7.5 million views on Worldstar Hip Hop in only 6 days.  She’s tall, beautiful and the daughter of one of the richest men in the world.  Now there is one more reason to hate Bim Fernandez: Pink Grenade, her band, has released their first video on Vevo for the song “Let’s Take It Naked” and it is one of the most scandalous, disturbing and provocative videos to be launched on the album. In other words, this video makes Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a “Wrecking Ball” look tame in comparison. See the below link for a preview.

Pink Grenade’s first album, which is being distributed by Caroline Records, will be released July 24th. In addition to Bim, the band is made up of several other talented musicians that aren’t of celebutante/billionairess status. Is it possible to give them a fair shake despite her wealthy roots?



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