Bisi Alimi becomes women counselor, urges women to leave the kitchen


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Bisi Alimi, the owner of Bisi Alimi foundation, recently took to social media to advise Nigerian women after he made some findings of their chances of securing jobs. Bisi explained that since he is also an employer, he has some experiences in the field.

He stated that it is not so encouraging that men apply for most of the jobs available when it is sometimes obvious that their female counterparts are best suited for them. In the post, he clarified that on most occasions, women only apply for jobs they are sure they can do perfectly and are not willing to push their boundaries as men do.

He then encouraged women to step out of their closets and live above the patriarchal society they find themselves.

Read his full post below.

Dear Nigerian women, I am writing to you as an employer, pls be bold, be assertive. Apply for jobs, apply for training opportunities, put yourself out there. It is really sad to see that 99% of applications are from men and when women apply, they are mostly the best.

These men apply for jobs not because they are good, sometimes they don’t even know what they are applying for. They mostly apply for these jobs cos they are men and they can.

When women apply for job, most of the times, they do because they know for sure they can do the job and this is why it is sad.

This is what patriarchy does to your mentality, it screws it up. It curbs your progress, it stops you from moving forward,

Nigerian women, your place is in the office making money and not in the kitchen making dinner.


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