Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested, Protesters Say He Was Targeted

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As tension between the US police and the racial minority groups increase, the US police has arrested a prominent “Black Lives Matter” activist at a late saturday protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The activist who was part of the demonstration organised following the deaths of two African-American men  who were shot dead by white police officers live streamed his arrest according to media reports.

Tehe prominent activist identified as DeRay McKesson treveled to Baton Rouge for the protests as he livestreamed the protest on periscope. He said: “Police have been provocateurs all night”.

Adding that: “We aren’t blocking the street or anything.”

The activists chanted “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” as police vehicles tailed them.

The video was suddenly interrupted as “City Police. You’re under arrest – don’t fight me,” was heard in the live stream footage.

While the arrest was taking place, another activist grabbed the phone and continued with the video while questioning the police as to why McKesson was being arrested.

A Louisiana state police officer told a reporter that McKesson was arrested because he had been blocking the road although McKesson in his video had said there was no sidewalk on the road.

The officer continued: “We welcome the protests, we wouldn’t arrest people who are quietly protesting off the roadway” in a video with The Advocate.

However, two other activists who witnessed the arrest told The  Washington Post that McKesson was targeted.

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