Black Lives Matter Founder Once Swore Never To Support Biden, Kamala Harris


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One of the promoters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement, Shaun King once vowed never to support Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris for President and Vice President.

However, he has now reversed his position, praising to the highest heavens the same persons he vowed not to back.

The American writer and civil rights activist stated in a series of tweets on November 14, 2018, that he would not be backing the duo if they ever became candidates for America’s top jobs “primarily because of their dismal history on criminal justice reform over the course of their entire careers.”

King is a co-founder of Real Justice PAC, which seeks to “elect prosecutors who will fix our broken criminal justice system”.

In the series of tweets, the 40-year-old King also berated the Democratic Party for its dismal diversity record in Congressional leadership.

He wrote, “It is disturbing to me that in 2018 the Democratic Party has NEVER had a Black woman in a leadership role in Congress. Black women are the lifeblood of the party. It’s a sin. And the new incoming Democratic majority MUST fix this. PERIOD. NO EXCUSES.

“In 2017, I literally had to shame the Democratic Party into admitting that they had virtually no Black senior staffers in the Senate and that the only reason they wouldn’t release their diversity data (that they required others to submit) was because it was do dismal.

“Some of the truest words Frederick Douglass ever spoke were, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” And sadly, we must demand that the Democratic Party do right by us because that is not their natural inclination. It just isn’t.”

Shaun King
MONTPELIER, VT – MAY 25: Shaun King introduces Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a rally in the capital of his home state of Vermont on May 25, 2019 in Montpelier, Vermont. This was the first Vermont rally of Sanders’ 2020 campaign. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

On Biden and Harris, the BLM promoter wrote, “NOW is the time for us to be actively talking about the Democratic candidates for President. Yes, I know runoffs & recounts are happening. I’m working with those campaigns. But I ASSURE you that candidates are actively gathering commitments & blessings, etc. as we speak.

“I have not made a commitment to any candidates who might be running for President, but have told several of them that I will be waiting to see who all announces, what they say they stand for, who they hire to run their campaigns before I make my decision.

“I’ll be frank and tell you two Democrats that I am 99% sure I won’t be supporting – primarily because of their dismal history on criminal justice reform over the course of their entire careers. Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. They both helped build & advance mass incarceration.

“Just 4 years ago to this very day, a federal judge had to ORDER California Attorney General Kamala Harris to release more non-violent offenders from prison, but she fought it hard because “prisons would lose an important labor pool.” That’s a quote.

“I like Joe Biden. I like his toothy grin. I think his friendship with Obama is cute. I think he’s relatable. But to see him this week proudly give George W. Bush a humanitarian award stemming from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan deeply disturbed me. Those wars are criminal.

“I won’t be endorsing any candidates for President that recently took happy photos with Benjamin Netanyahu or have refused to speak out against the hundreds of unarmed Palestinians who’ve been slaughtered by Israel this year. I don’t have many dealbreakers. That’s one for me.”

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However, when Harris was announced as Biden’s vice-presidential pick, King began to sing a discordant tune.

He tweeted, “I am incredibly proud to see a brilliant Black woman, and HBCU grad, chosen as a Vice Presidential nominee. I’ve done political work my whole life. It’s rarely things dreams are made of. Kamala Harris is the most progressive VP nominee in American history.”

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