Black man savagely attacks woman with skateboard in Harlem, New York while friends laugh, film (Video)

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A young black man is in the news for the wrong reasons after his friends filmed  him savagely smacking a black woman with a skateboard and sending her into unconsciousness in Harlem, New York.

The man, who has now been identified as 25-year-old Rodney Abdoul Moultrie or “Skeeter Millz” on Instagram, allegedly smacked the unidentified woman for rejecting his love overtures.

In the 16-second video shared on Twitter, Moultrie can be seen standing in front of and holding a brief conversation with the woman who appears uninterested and begins to stare down into her phone.

Few seconds later, Moultrie, who is holding a skateboard, swings and forcefully hits the young woman in the face with it, sending her crashing into the ground. She then goes motionless.

“f*ck wrong with that b*ch, my name Skeeter Millz,” Moultrie says before walking away.

A group of young men believed to be the suspect’s friends, can be seen cheering him loudly and recording the incident on their cell phones.

Moultrie shared the video of the incident on his Instagram page and identified the victim as lesbian, although the video has now been taken down and the account deleted following backlash.

The video that was posted to Twitter by a YouTube content creator, Paris Milan, has now been watched more than 4 million times.

Watch video:

Commentators described the suspect’s action as wickedness and deplored the rampant acts of violence perpetrated by black men on black women in the United States.

Conservative commentator, Candace Owens wrote, “Nobody cared that George Floyd pressed a gun to a black woman. Nobody cares that Rashard Brooks beat a black woman. For defending those women, I’ve had black men threaten to assault me & call me a whore. Black culture is broken and it’s time we STOP blaming white people.”

The video has also spun off a petition on called for Moultrie’s and trial over the incident.

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