(Video): Black woman confronts white lady, threatens to whoop her behind for skipping line at Walmart store


A black woman has confronted and threatened to beat up a white lady who skipped the line at a Walmart store and called her a n*gger.

A 42-second, undated video of the incident was shared by World Star Hip Hop.

In the amateur video apparently shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly black woman can be heard threatening to and gesturing like she was going to slap the white Karen if she repeated the N-word.

“I’ma whoop your behind all over this store,” the unidentified black woman says.

A man can be seen rushing to break up the confrontation before it degenerated any further.

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Despite the intervention of the man, who appears to be a fellow shopper, the facemask-donning black woman refuses to be placated, threatening to beat up the white lady for her action.

Two other men can be seen joining the first to help break up the confrontation and the video ends shortly after.

Watch video below:


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