BlackLivesMatter: Unilever Faces Scrutiny Over Bleaching Cream Fair & Lovely

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Unilever PLC is facing serious backlash against their skin-lightening cream as protests mount against companies that people believe are supporting racist ideas.

People are of the opinion that companies like Unilever that produce skin-lightening cream are helping support racist imagery by manufacturing a product that strips black people of their dark skin tone, thereby turning them white.

Fair & Lovely, which is one of Unilever’s biggest product has faced numerous scrutiny, however the company has continuously assured people that it is a safe alternative to harmful bleaching.

The motion to stop production of the skin-lightening product has gathered attention with the Black Lives Matter protests which have been fueled by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

A number of on-line petitions calling for Unilever to cease promoting the product has gained thousand of supports, together with one which began in early June by a former Unilever worker that has greater than 12,500 signatures.

“This product has constructed upon, perpetuated and benefited from internalized racism and promotes anti-blackness sentiments amongst all its shoppers,” the petition says.

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A spokesperson for the company said: “Truthful & Pretty upholds rules that no affiliation needs to be made between pores and skin tone and an individual’s achievement, potential or value,

“We’re conscious that historic promoting is accessible on the web, which isn’t in line with the present values of the model.”


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