Blasphemy: Atiku, Your Silence is deafening – Nigerians cry out


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As the death sentence for Kano musician accused of blasphemy approaches, Nigerians have called out Atiku Abubakar, 2019 Presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) for keeping mum.

Kano singer, Yahaya Sharif Aminu, was sentenced to death by a Shari’a court for singing against the revered Prophet Muhammad in Islam.

Yahaya’s  sentence sparked an outrage among Nigerians who accused Kano state government of not abolishing religious laws which have become obsolete in a modern society.

Despite the outcry, Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano state has expressed his readiness to sign the death warrant of the accused.

Nigerians who have become accustomed to Atiku’s public criticism of Buhari-led administration, expected the presidential candidate to speak out against the perceived injustice.

However, Atiku’s silence at the expense of another man’s life has become too loud if not deafening.

Some Nigerians have begun to wonder if the presidential candidate wants to sit on the fence in order not to offend the citizenry or his fellow Muslims.

Here are some reactions culled from Twitter;


Atiku has an opinion about everything except on the death sentence passed on that young fellow by a Sharia Court in Kano 4 blasphemy

His silence means he’s an extremist just like the rest of them or he doesn’t want to offend the extremists whose votes he needs 2moro.

A pity.


I can’t tell if he’s in support or against.
What I can say is that he’ll be buried forever politically in the NORTH if he speaks against the death penalty and he’ll be buried forever politically in the SOUTH if he supports it.


So why not pick a stand? Say the truth and damn the consequence. What does a 73 year old man want to do with power for crying out loud?


Where’s Atiku & other presidential aspirants who always have opinions on every issue or they don’t want their fellow Muslims to condemn them?


Will Atiku speaks? No, he will not.
They don’t care about anyone,
They will outlaw us from NuMedia he didn’t say anything?

If he says a word, they will not support his 2023 mission.
He’s not ready to make that sacrifice to set, record straight. Not about Nigeria’ unity but them.

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