BMW Scandal: Angry reps order one week investigation, Enugu airport also to be probed


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The House of Representatives, on Tuesday, tthe first session after resumption from Sallah break tackled the issue of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) BMW scandal involving the Aviation minister.

In a motion sponsored by Sampson Osagie (APC, Edo), an investigation was ordered into the conduct of the minister and the NCAA as regards the purchase of the vehicles. A deadline of one week was also given for the probe.

The investigation is meant to establish:

  1. The necessity of the purchase
  2. Whether the purchase was legal
  3. If the NCAA violated the Fiscal Responsibility Act
  4. If the Minister is entitled to such vehicles
  5. If the EFCC is bound to investigate
  6. IF the President is to sack Oduah or not

Hasssan Saleh (PDP, Benue) said it was not clear how the cars could be a priority. He said, The question now is whether the cars are the priority of this country and the NCAA or not.

“This is the same agency that is unable to pay some of its workers basic  allowances.”

Emma Jime (PDP, Benue) said the House should not sit back and watch the resources of the country misused at the detriment of National Security.

“The investigation is necessary; it is timely. We cannot watch our resources misused at the detriment of national  security,” an angry Jime warned.

Member of the Committee on Aviation, Mr. Matthew Omegara, said the NCAA had asked to buy the cars in the 2013 budget but it was denied.

He said the NCAA still went ahead to purchase the cars in defiance of the National Assembly.

megara  said, “I am a member of the committee on Aviation.

“I can confirm that we deleted this issue of cars from the budget of the NCAA.

“It was clearly deleted from the agency’s budget .”

A separate investigation was demanded concerning the minister’s directive that Qatar Airways be disallowed landing at Kano or Abuja airports and instead be accommodated at Enugu airport.

Sponsor of the motion, Mr. Ali Madaki said this was a deliberate attempt to disrupt commercial activities in the North.

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