Bobrisky Slams Halima Abubakar Over Released Chats From 2019


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Nigerian crossdresser, Okuneye Idris, popularly known as Bobrisky has called out Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar for releasing a conversation between the duo from 2019

The actress had shared her chats with Bobrisky from 2019 to slam the crossdresser for the hurtful words he said to her.

Apparently, Halima Abubakar had blocked Bobrisky on Instagram in 2019 and a “friend” informed Bobrisky of this. Halima later named the friend as Tonto.

Angered at being blocked, Bobrisky had sent Halima messages, calling her “dirty” and “broke”.

He told her that she’s “full of hate” for blocking him “with no reason”.

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Halima said she was on her sick bed at the time she got the messages from Bobrisky in 2019. She added that it “left a scar in my heart “.

Reacting to her post, Bobrisky has issued a warning of finality to the actress to never call his name again.

Bobrisky wrote: “As for you Halima abubakar you know you are sick right ? That was y all your friends including myself left you to visit a psychiatric first. Then all your past friends will come to you. Matter of 2019 you brought it back in 2021 May God heal you. Amen

“D day Halima will learn to stop spoiling all her ex friend I swear things will move on well with u. Only you have things to say about your ex friends I fear you. But listen to me . Na you come find trouble now !!! Never in your life Mentioned my name on your page again 111111 No find war o You forget to tell them you are presently on my block list”

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