Boko Haram: Ali Ndume Faults Buhari’s Amnesty Policy Yet Again


Senator Ali Ndume has issued another warming to the Federal Government that it’s policy of amnesty for so called repentant Boko Haram terrorists was counter productive on its fight against the 11 year old insurgency.

The Senator who is the chairman of the Senate Committee on the Army said the initiative cannot bring peace to the area even as the government plans to resettle some communities abandoned due to the conflict.

Speaking during a Sunday interview with journalists, Ali Ndume said most Nigerians are against the way it’s operation safe corridor is being handled and advised a change in tactics.

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He said rather than grant captured Boko Haram fighters Amnesty, they could be held as prisoners of war until after the war against the insurgent group was over before granting them Amnesty.

The Senator representing Borno South said further;

“Majority of Nigerians are against the way that the operation safe corridor is being handed.

“It is wrong to grant amnesty to repentant terrorists when the war is still far from being over. The war must be over before we could start doing that

The military could open up the corridor, allow everybody to enter and start profiling them, keep them somewhere as prisoners of war, and train them.

“After the war, they could be reconciled with the victims of their unfortunate actions.

“That is what is being done all over the world. The current arrangement where the repentant insurgents are granted amnesty without apologizing to the victims and the state, cannot bring about the required peace.”

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