Boko Haram Attacks Governor Zulum’s Convoy Yet Again


Boko Haram terrorists attacked the convoy of Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State for the third time in three months on Sunday morning.

At least 30 people have died and several more are still hospitalized from the attack against the Governor’s convoy on Friday before this fresh attack on Sunday.

The latest attack happened on Sunday Morning when the convoy was on its way back to Maiduguri from Baga where they had gone when Boko Haram attacked on Friday.

The members of the convoy who managed to reach Maiduguri on Sunday evening said, no casualty was recorded, save for some minor injuries.

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“There was no death recorded this time around except some minor injuries. The windscreen of some vehicles was shattered, some vehicles had their tyres busted by gunshots, including the Government House Press Crew bus. The military gun truck was also shot at and a soldier had his shoulder scalded with a gunshot.” Some members of the convoy said

This would be the third time the Governor’s convoy would be attacked between Baga and Monguno since July 2020. The Governor has been making efforts to repopulate the town since it was emptied of its residents by Boko Haram terrorists in 2014.

Many of the displaced residents have taken up shelter in nearby Monguno town and IDP camps in the State capital Maiduguri where they are being catered for by the State Government and international charities.

Governor Zulum has insisted that the Government cannot keep up with the daily feeding of nearly one million displaced people daily and insisted on relocating the IDPs back to their ancestral homes where they can earn a living for themselves.

The plan of the Governor, however noble has hit a snag however with the growing insecurity in the North-east. Boko Haram has intensified attacks against civilian and military targets in the area, kidnapping and killing travellers as well as military personnel.

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