Boko Haram Terrorists Clear the Northeast Farms for GMO crops

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There are simple differences between a natural crop and a GM crop. A GM crop contains a gene that helps make a desired feature of a plant, like in the case of GM Cowpeas or beans the insecticide for killing the pest that grows in the beans is inserted into it so that the pest cannot survive in it. However, the problem is that killer effect of the insecticide also has bad effects on the human being and causes damage to vital organs. You can imagine that instead of your using an insecticide directly against mosquitoes, you are now told to drink it, so that whenever, the mosquitoes bites and sucks your blood they would get the insecticide in your blood and die. The problem is that the insecticide by itself is poisonous to your body systems. Another important difference is that if I plant a GM corn and it grows and I take the seed to replant, I will have a lower yield than I had the first time. If I want a good yield, I must go back to the biotechnology company like Monsanto/Bayer to give me the seeds to plant for the next season, saving the seeds would not give me the yield I desire, moreover it is illegal. If we turn our staple foods to GM crops as they want us to, then we have to purchase the seeds from biotechnology firms each planting season. The biotechnology firms are pushing to capture the seed market for major staple foods in Nigeria worth over $30 billion USD annually. The future payments for seeds would take the entire foreign earnings from Oil, we will forever be dependent on Western biotechnology firms for food. The Western countries would use food to control our lives, politics and social order in a perpetual Biological Colonialism!

Recently, issues arose about release of genetically modified Bt Cowpeas popularly called GM beans. But there are very serious reservations about the release of GM cowpeas otherwise called GMO KILLER BEANS. The Bt Cowpeas contain Cry1Ab Bt gene developed by Monsanto. The Cry1Ab gene is an old throw-away technology, now discontinued in South Africa where it was first implemented to protect maize from pests. The issue is that an insecticide gene called Cry1AbBt gene protein from a bacteria Bacillus thuringiensisis was inserted into corn by a biotechnology company called Monsanto and designated as GM maize (MON 810) in South Africa, to control pests, instead it caused massive pest resistance and infestation, so the gene was discarded and GM maize discontinued in South Africa. It was also discovered in animal experiments that the Cry1Ab Bt gene caused liver damage, allergic reactions, toxicity to blood cells, kidney failure, toxicity to adrenal glands, toxicity to spleen (download detailed scientific works at: http://acbio.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/GM-Cowpea-report.pdf ). The same gene Cry1Ab Bt gene was now taken up in Nigeria by Monsanto/Bayer and their affiliates in Nigeria and inserted into our normal beans to obtain GM beans or Cowpeas to control the pest pod borer (Maruca virata). The Nigerian scientific institutes involved in promoting this Monsanto idea are now deceptively claiming that it was their own scientific breakthrough with a technology known for over two decades and discarded because of toxicity to humans. This unethical deception is meant to convince uninformed politicians and the Nigerian people that, it was a noble intention for their good, only for Nigerians to be used as guinea pigs who will die from mass ignorance. It is still expected that the same gene Cry1Ab Bt gene would cause the same damages in animals and humans. Nigerians would be the first humans to ever try to eat this insecticide in beans and the effects are expected to be devastating on the health of Nigerians. Civil Society Organizations have embarked on a campaign to alert the Nigerian people so that, the first victims of the toxic GM Cowpeas (beans) would sue the Federal Government, Monsanto and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for several billions of U.S. dollars in health damage costs for cancers, liver failure, kidney failure and other diseases resulting from eating GM Cowpeas (beans).  Criminal negligence cases would be brought against individual persons, scientists and politicians who have promoted GM cowpeas as safe, when there was enough scientific evidence to the contrary, which they neglected because of commercial gains. The Nigerian victims of Monsanto Roundup insecticide are already gathering for legal class action suit in many states in Nigeria.

A brand of tomatoes similar to the failed Flavr Savr GMO tomatoes is today promoted as Hybrid tomatoes in Nigeria  by Dangote Foods. It was introduced in the United States in 1995 by a company bought over by Monsanto. The GMO tomatoes failed miserably in the market place because it is known to contain pig genes for anti-rot. This is the reason for the longer shelf life. Christians, Jews and Moslems rejected the GMO/Hybrid tomatoes immediately it was released in the United States. However, it was finally banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because it caused life threatening intestinal bleeding ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-smith/throwing-biotech-lies-at_b_803139.html ).The biotech companies using their paid mercenaries released the moth Tuta Absoluta to attack 90% of the 17000 hectares of tomatoes fields outside Kano so as to make the argument that a biotech solution is needed which is their so-called Hybrid Tomatoes otherwise called KILLER TOMATOES in the United States.

Another example of lies and deception is the GMO Cassava containing vitamins and protein. Most Nigerians eat cassava as garri which is fried with palm oil and has 300 times more vitamin A than the GM cassava. The GMO Yellow cassava was said to contain protein developed under a grant sponsored by Bill Gates. Scientists doubted the authenticity of the published scientific work. It was later proven to be a forged scientific paper and was withdrawn from literature ( http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016256 ). This is the reason many have called the GMO Yellow Cassava DUST GARRI because it has no real nutritional value maybe as good as saw dust. Similar issues face the GMO Yellow rice which is referred to sometimes as PLASTIC Rice.

Moreover, GM crops could be used for sterilization of Nigerians. The GM Bt cowpeas gene Cry1AbBt gene was developed by Monsanto and the same company now called Monsanto/Bayer holds the right to the Epicyte Gene which was developed specifically to cause infertility in men and women (see Guardian (London) 2001) [https://www.theguardian.com/science/2001/sep/09/gm.food     ]. Monsanto is owned at least in-part by Bill Gates(see:http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/gates-foundation-ties-with-monsanto-under-fire-from-activists/), who is the main sponsor of population control programs in Africa. It is not hard to imagine that there is interest in the use of GM crops for population control, since Nigeria has been a target for fertility control by Bill Gates.  


We have since suspected that there is a plan to capture the food security of Nigeria by the biotechnology companies using Boko Haram insurgents. The biotechnology companies are the main foreign sponsors of Boko Haram not the Islamists as they say. According testimonies in Congressional hearings in the United States from different organizations, there has been over 37,000 deaths between 2015 to 2018 directly related to Boko Haram attacks. About 5000 of the deaths were people of Christian faith, while the majority of 32,000 were people of Islamic faith. Attacks occur daily in Zamfara who are close to 60% Muslim Hausas and 40% Muslim Fulanis. Who is converting to which faith? This does not look like Islamic extremists trying to convert Christians by force, because the majority killed are Muslims. But we have been misled by the international press that this has to do with Islamic extremism, which is totally untrue. Who is arming Boko Haram with sophisticated Western arms and using international Western agencies like Amnesty International to block Nigeria from obtaining arms in the international arms market. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch all receive funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They use Western based Human Rights Organizations to blackmail the Nigerian military and impair the ability of Nigeria to fight terrorism. This is a direct help to the terrorists.  

The other issue is why are the attacks mainly in the Northeast? The Northeast accounts for about 70% of our tuber crops, the main food basket of Nigeria. The aim of the biotechnology companies is to destroy the natural crops and replace them with genetically modified (GMO) crops. This would need direct attacks on the field and burning of the natural crop fields in the villages in the Northeast. The natural seed growers must be displaced or killed and their natural seed stores burnt. The farming communities must be displaced and sent into Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps and thereafter resettled with new ‘improved  seeds’, the euphemism used by biotechnology companies in Africa to cover up GM crops. They use ‘international organizations’ to distribute these GMO seeds to farmers in IDP camps. Why are there frequent clashes between Nigerian military and some people working for UNICEF and other international organizations?

To displace farmers, the Boko Haram fighters need precise information on there locations in real time.  This information can only be gotten using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. There is evidence to suggest how this information was obtained. Bill Gates owns in part Monsanto/Bayer, and was in the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, the Eminent Person Senior Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Agriculture, that is, technically a member of the Federal Executive Council. This position was unconstitutional. He donated 14.5 million cell phones called “electronic wallets” for agricredit. The cell phones were distributed by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Dr Akinwumi Adesina, who is now the President of the African Development Bank. Dr Adesina was a former employee of Bill Gates at Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and a protégé of Bill Gates.  These cell phones at that time were equipped with NFC and GPS technology, which means that any farmer with it could be spotted from anywhere in the world if he/she moves just one meter from one place to the other. Secondly, the Boko Haram fighters know the seed growers because they were told to identify themselves as farmers and seed growers so that their seeds could be purchased with the agricredits. We now know that, that information could be made available to the Boko Haram insurgents to seek out and kill the seed growers in their communities. The Federal government could have suspected this but the complicity of some local officials could have prevented action to prevent this from happening. President Goodluck Jonathan may not have known any of this, but he relied on the Minister. Everywhere in the world agricredits are done by coupons which you give out for different things, be it fertilizer or seeds etc. Coupons do not need electricity to charge them as cell phones do, especially for farmers who have little access to electricity. However, the cell phones as electronic wallets reveal the locations of the farmers mapped out using the GPS, so that the insurgents would track their positions easily. This ‘track and kill farmers’ has led to a massive genocide of farmers ever recorded in human history!

The information available in the press is that, the actual perpetuators called Boko Haram are hired assassins and mercenaries paid $10,000 per month. They were recruited by the Blackwater (also called Xe-Services, and now Academi) private army which is owned by Bill Gates and Monsanto (see: http://www.voltairenet.org/article179691.html ). Bill gates in 2009 purchased Blackwater, the CIA military contractor that was used to commit the genocide of civilians in Iraq, and were expelled from the country. As from 2009, Blackwater began the recruitment of former child soldiers from Liberia and Sierra-Leone from what remained of the Charles’ Taylor’s army in Liberia. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia had intervened to ban Blackwater in Liberia, but they went underground in Liberia and in full force in Sierra Leone to recruit former Child soldiers (see http://www.counterpunch.org/2009/04/06/blackwater-in-liberia/print ) and (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/blackwater-ex-scours-war-torn-africa-for-new-hires/ ). The recruits were trained in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/us-expands-secret-intelligence-operations-in-africa/2012/06/13/gJQAHyvAbV_story.html?utm_term=.09f5f36c62e6 ), though the reasons given are only deceptive. These Sierra-Leoneans and Liberians are brought to Nigeria as ‘ECOMOG boys’ to fight in the insurgency and took the name Boko Haram as a cover-up identity. Since the fall of Libya they have expanded their recruitment to Tuareg warriors from Libya and Northern Chad.

The Nigerian military always talks about the sophisticated military equipment and tactics of Boko Haram and how they are very efficient in evading military checkpoints to get around and kidnap the Chibok and Dapchi girls. What does this say about the application of technology? Does this suggest that they have overhead satellite technology? All they need is the satellite information from their foreign sponsors. Aside from some advanced nation states, there is only one source of private satellite information focused in the Northeast capable of providing precise information of the type they would need to attack and kidnap in such a way that the heavy military presence would not deter them. There is a very highly efficient surveillance system called the Radiant Earth project. It acquires satellite, aerial and drone imagery in real-time and has focused in North-East and across Nigeria. It is owned by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with Warren Buffet and Pierre Omidyar the founder of eBay (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-technology-satellites-humanitarian/the-billionaire-philanthropists-intent-on-using-satellites-to-save-the-world-idUSKBN1661KH ). It is the only non-governmental system of its kind operational in the area of the North-East. The information is essential for the Boko Haram operatives to evade the Nigerian military. Publicly, Bill Gates says it is used for Polio eradication but some experts think that this is just a cover-up.

Many people always ask what are the goals of the foreign sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria? There is a much greater picture than Nigeria. In 2005, the G7 countries (USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Canada) and the world leading billionaires headed by Bill Gates at a meeting hosted by Prime Minister Tony Blair examined ways and means to achieve the setting up of the New Human Industry for tissue cloning.  The cloning industry is worth over $30 trillion dollars (one-third of world economy) and the main bedrock of Western economic recovery since the Western countries have lost out to China and East Asia in the electronics industry. The idea was deceptively sold as the “G7 Africa Action Plan”, and tied abortion and other reproductive health issues to foreign aid. They gave the Africa debt forgiveness to make African Countries sign the Maputo Protocol that would allow abortions and human ovarian egg poaching from African women. Their aim is really to provide materials for the cloning industry to be successful. Over 100 million ovarian eggs will be required annually to be poached from 10 million Nigerian women. These women would die from complications doctors call ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome complex when they donate their ovarian eggs (kidney failure, liver failure, cancers, infertility, etc). They believe that the science is too complex for the leaders and people of Nigeria to understand. Since 2006, Bill Gates got personally involved in Nigeria to setup the ways and means to achieve this goal. The main key to success as they believe is to control the agricultural and health sectors in Nigeria by changing the food to genetically modified (GMO) foods by so-called biotechnology and also taking over the hospital system by promising ultra-modern hospitals, which are deceptively designed for extraction of the ovarian eggs and organs. They sponsored the National Biosafety Management Agency law and the National Health Act to provide the legal framework for their clandestine operations. It is a known maxim that, ‘if you control the food security you control the people’ by Henry Kissinger. This was the reason Bill Gates requested and got the position of Eminent Person Special Adviser on Agriculture to President Goodluck Jonathan. He appointed his protégé Dr Akinwumi Adesina as the minister for agriculture under the Goodluck administration. The one goal they had was to bring Nigeria’s agricultural sector under the full control of Monsanto owned by Bill Gates. If they control the supply of the seeds in Nigeria and across Africa, they will use food as a tool for blackmail to compel the women to donate their ovarian eggs or starve themselves and their children to death. The program is called, ‘the Ovarian Egg for Food’ program. They will also use food to blackmail the African countries to agree to any political conditions they bring forward. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Monsanto setup the seed councils and biosafety agencies in almost all countries in Black Africa to rubber-stamp their GMO seeds as safe to eat. They have similar arrangements to take over the health and environmental sectors, where they control key appointments and direct policy.

They need to strip Africa of her cultural and religious ties so that the women could freely donate their eggs and men their sperms to the stem cell industry for embryonic stem cell research. They target core Islamic beliefs and Catholic doctrines they see that restrict women. The Billionaires who own the international mainstream press, blackmail Islamic clerics  with encouraging violence and Catholic clerics with sex scandals, mostly fabricated and blown up by the international press to tarnish the image and reduce influence. Bill Gates and his fellow billionaires have bought over 90% of the new biotechnology start-up companies working on the tissue and organ cloning technology. This means a lot of money for them. Bill Gates would become a trillionaire for the first time in human history! They setup a common fund called the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with an initial launch of $60 billion dollars. This fund is tax-fee for charity to Africa, but in reality it is used to support terrorism in Africa and around the world.

The Nigeria Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) and the Seed Council of Nigeria, according to the DG Rufus Ebegba, were set up to certify that GM crops are safe. This is without independent toxicological research that is published in peer-review literature and long-term follow-up for years to monitor toxic effects on human health and the environment. The effects of GM crops are usually monitored for more than 20 years in confined conditions before release in addition to animal experiments by independent researchers. This just shows that the NBMA is totally incompetent to protect the Nigerian people. The biosafety agencies were designed by the biotechnology companies and funded by Bill Gates  to provide them the legal cover of safety of GM crops even when scientific evidence shows that these GM crops such as Cowpeas, GM maize and GM cassava are really harmful to human health and the environment and do not provide the type of advantages they claim.

They plan is that, once the GM crop is approved their military arm – Boko Haram would proceed to clear the fields of the natural crops so that the approved GM crops would now be distributed to displaced farmers in the IDP camps by the international agencies and NGOs (sponsored by Bill Gates who gave UN agencies $20 billion) and the people resettled with help of their local and foreign foundations. The result is that the GM cowpeas will take over the fields and the food security of Nigeria is captured for Bt Cowpeas. They will take on GM cassava, GM maize, GM yam, GM potatoes, GM/Hybrid tomatoes and others one step at a time. All their GM strains have been developed by Monsanto but now rebranded as developments from Nigerian agricultural institutes to make the false patriotic argument. People in Maiduguri would tell you that, the foreign NGOs there take rents for 10 years and above, so they are in this for some time to come.

Nigerians were shocked by the earth tremors in Abuja and Kaduna. Some think that these were not the usual natural earth tremors. The aim was to market the so-called Climate Smart GM crops that are resistant to floods and droughts. Bill Gates invested in biotechnology companies Monsanto, Cargill and

geoengineering companies is to create conditions that would force the Nigerian government to adopt these so-called Climate Smart GMO crops (https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/poverty-matters/2010/sep/29/gates-foundation-gm-monsanto ). Geoengineering can produce artificial earthquakes where there is no history of natural earthquakes. In Nigeria they were targeting our dams so that they will flood our agricultural fields which would give them the pretext to bring in so-called Climate smart GM crops. They were exposed during the last raining season by international groups and could accomplish the damage intended on the dams. They are gearing up for another trial during this raining season.   This may implicate International Aid Organizations headed by Germany and Britain. Both countries at the time signed MOUs on agriculture with Nigeria, the timing during the UN Assembly was suspicious to observers who think that they may be complicit in the Bill Gates plan to flood Nigeria. The real aims of the MOUs on Agriculture were not made known to Nigerian authorities until now. Some experts believe that the earth tremors were induced using geoengineering technology. The initial tests are targeted at causing public anxiety and subsequent tremors will elicit discontent of the public with the government’s handling of the matter. Once the matter is politicized, and the government becomes weak, then the tremors would target major dams that would break their banks and flood the region of agriculture and the aid would be offered with the Bill Gates sponsored Climate Smart Crops.

One sure way to stop the insurgency is to ban the GM crops entirely and burn all their fields like many European countries did ( http://www.laweekly.com/resturants/hungary-destroys-genetically-modified-corn-crops-2383928 ).  This would defeat their main goal. The entire world must be put on notice and the foreign sponsors of Boko Haram exposed. We must seek indictments and send extradition requests to foreign governments including the United States where these Foreign Sponsors reside. Nigeria must be bold and courageous. If we do not expose them, they will kill all of us. The local collaborators and sponsors must be indicted and brought to the courts.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In God We hope!


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