Boko Haram’s Weapons Are From The Nigerian Military – President Buhari

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The Nigerian Army

President Muhammadu Buhari denied the claim that the Boko Haram was getting its arms and ammunition from ISIS.

Speaking with journalists after the closing of the second Regional Security Summit in Abuja President Buhari revealed that a key source of the group’s sophisticated arms was from the different military and police bases attacked at the peak of the insurgency in the affected countries, especially Nigeria.

He said: “The type of weapons they are using, I believe were the ones taken from military bases they attacked at the peak of the insurgency especially in Nigeria.

“If you recall they attacked military bases and carted away weapons, they attacked police stations and broke into their armouries, that was how they got the kind of weapons they have been using to fight.

“Frankly, up till now we don’t have firm intelligence of what IS has been able to send to Boko Haram in terms of weapons or even money.

“But the fact that they said they are affiliated to IS has made many people to believe that they were getting weapons from ISIS,’’ the president added.


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