Bolt Unveils New Electric Scooter

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Bolt, a ride-hailing service unveils it’s fourth generation electric scooter. The company is widely known for its ride-hailing service but also operates an electric scooter service in 45 cities across Europe. The new model focuses on safety.

The scooter weighs in at 19kg — that’s more than an average bike. It has a battery with a 40km range and it is primarily made of aluminum.

The company says it should last up to 60 months thanks to a modular design and can replace parts without having to replace the scooter altogether.

Bolt 4 is equipped with sensors to detect accidents, falls, sharp braking, and unsafe riding patterns. The scooter’s construction is optimised for extra stability and safe manoeuvring, with the lowest centre of gravity, highest ground clearance, an improved caster angle. The scooter also spots audio and visual warnings which should educate riders about what you’re supposed to do and not do.

Bolt 4 is fully Designed by the company’s in-house hardware team. Like most modern e-scooter models, Bolt can swap the battery without having to move the entire scooter.

Dmitri Pivovarov, Director of Micromobility at Bolt, said: “We are committed to making micromobility an affordable and accessible mode of transportation for everyone, and safety is our top priority. While we want as many people as possible to give up on personal cars for greener alternatives, it is important to make sure that scooters are used responsibly, so they can be truly beneficial for cities and communities. Having an in-house team of hardware experts enables us to fully control the quality of our scooters and to implement cutting edge solutions that we hope will set a new standard for safety in shared micromobility”.

A few weeks ago, Bolt unveiled plans to expand on its scooter and electric bike sharing service. It plans to operate a scooter service in more than 100 cities in 2021. Bolt’s fourth-generation scooter will be first launched in Bergen, Norway, in the beginning of 2021.

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