Borno group petitions Presidency on link between Boko Haram attacks and former Governor


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Civil association, Borno League of Professionals, has petitioned the Presidency over the link between the alleged visit of a former Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff and the Boko Haram attack at the International Airport in Maiduguri yesterday.

The group said the State had been calm for over seven months until rumour of a visit of the former Governor, who is reportedly hated by Boko Haram and in other circles, said to be one of the founding financiers of the group.

The group issued a memo to the President fingering the recent attacks on Sheriff.

The memo said, “Mr. President, Commander in Chief, the Senate President and Speaker; the National Security Adviser and rest of our eminent service chiefs, we are writing you this memorandum for the second time this year. The first time, we issued a press release but this time we gathered our had-earned naira to pay for an advertorial in defence of Borno people and Nigerians at large.

“Until yesterday, our city of Maiduguri was very peaceful in the last seven months, thanks to your decisive declaration of emergency and deployment of patriotic and professional soldiers. Thanks also to our youths, the Civilian JTF and we must also acknowledge in the spirit of objectivity and say thanks to the untiring efforts of the Borno State Government under Shettima Kashim, the Governor.

“Mr President, residents became very apprehensive, there was serious panic and fear since Saturday when the news filtered all over Maiduguri that the infamous former Governor of Borno State Ali Modu Sheriff (alias S.A.S) had finished preparations and he was coming into Maiduguri today, Tuesday, 3rd of December, 2013 for a grand political entry and a rally, whether anybody likes or not.

“We do not know if the latest attack yesterday was a reaction to his planned visit but everybody in Borno knows for sure that nothing pains the Boko Haram members like seeing SAS in Borno State moving with arrogance and pride, in convoy of security details and brandishing his banbanriga or binjima as we call it, opening his chest as if he is the President of G-8 countries and rest of Africa fused into one. It is usual for residents of Borno State to be in state of fear anytime that man is coming, for his visits signify trouble.

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