Breaking: French President, Macron, Tests Positive For Corona Virus


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Breaking: French President, Macron, Tests Positive For Corona Virus
Breaking: French President, Macron, Tests Positive For Corona Virus

French President, Emmanuel Macron, today (Thursday), tested positive for Covid-19.

This much was disclosed by the Office of the President, as the number 1 citizen now looks set to go into self-isolation next week.

“The President tested positive for Covid-19 today,” the statement from the Presidency read.

“The President had been tested after the onset of the first symptoms.

“He will now self isolate for seven days. He will continue to work and carry out his activities remotely,” the statement said.

Early this week, the French government eased Covid-19 restrictions placed to combat the second wave of the coronavirus.

The move however witnessed a sustained high level of the infection rate.

The government of France have still put in place a curfew in the country, starting from 8pm, to check the spread of the coronavirus.

Relaxation spots like cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theatres still stay shut.

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Official figures reveal that the country has recorded over 59, 300 death statistics since the beginning of the global pandemic.

On Wednesday alone, the country recorded statistics of over 17, 000 new cases.

There are major concerns that the figures could rise following increased human activities ahead of the Christmas festive period.

France, as well as other European Union and non European Union countries, are looking forward to a Covid-19 vaccine that will cure the virus for good.

According to French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, the country will receive around 1.16 million coronavirus vaccines by the end of the year.

The French President has now joined a growing list of heads of state and government around the globe who have contracted Covid-19.

This follows after British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the President of the United States of America (U.S.A), Donald Trump, tested positive to the virus.

Two years ago, the French President paid a visit to the most populous black nation in the World, Nigeria.

This was long before the outbreak of the virus.

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