Abuja-bound British Airways Plane Loses Engine Mid-Air


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An Abuja bound British Airways plane that took off from London on Tuesday November 26, executed a return after losing an

engine mid-flight.


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In a statement released by TVC, it was recorded that the aircraft took off from Heathrow airport, London, Tuesday night and

was airborne when its pilot announced that the flight would be returning to its port of departure.


In a statement sent to THIS DAY by the airline, it said:

“The aircraft experienced a minor technical issue and our pilots elected to return to

Heathrow,” it said in a statement.

“In terms of the emergency services meeting the aircraft, this is standard practice. Our

aircraft returned to Heathrow and was met by the emergency services as a precaution after

experiencing a minor technical issue. Our teams looked after our customers last night,

providing them with overnight accommodation. We’re sorry to our customers for the delay

to their travel plans.”

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Passengers on the flight reportedly had to wait for another flight.

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