Buba Galadima: Nigerians may soon start picking food from dustbin under Buhari

John Ogunsemore
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Buba Galadima

Buba Galadima, an erstwhile close ally turned major critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, says Nigerians may start picking food from the dustbin under the current administration.

He said this while speaking on the economic policy of the Buhari government shortly after figures released by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that the nation has been plunged into its worst recession in 33 years.

The revelation came as prices of food and other essential commodities and services continue to skyrocket.

Buba Galadima warned Nigerians to brace for even harder times, noting that the worse was yet to come.

He gave the warning in an interview with Sunday Sun while responding to a question on whether the recession could have been avoided with a better management team.

“You’ve been interviewing me for nearly 10 years if I am correct and there is nothing I have not said about the issues of capacity, management and ineptitude of those running the affairs of our country.

“I want to tell you again that Nigerians have not seen anything yet from this government.

“Nigerians may be picking food from dustbin in the nearest future. I am sorry, it is not what I want, but that is what will happen. People will pick from dustbin. Ghana-must-go reincarnate is going to happen in Nigeria. People will carry a bag of naira to the market to buy one cup of rice because there is no manager of the economy and there is nobody supervising officials of government.

“You hear everyday government borrowing millions of dollars and you will never see where these dollars are going.

“Currently, people are just looting money and stockpiling it for themselves and their families. I know of a Chief Executive Officer of a parastatal who has over 100 petitions against him. Even his son was arrested in Dubai for riding a car of more than $150,000. Yet, nobody has investigated him. Even if the man is clean, the mere fact that his son was found with millions of dollars in his account and driving a car of over $150,000 in Dubai is enough for the government to look into his activities. But nobody is monitoring anybody. Nobody is evaluating the work of officials of government,” Buba Galadima said.

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