Buddhist Monk Beats Nine Year Old Boy to Death


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A Thai Buddhist monk beat a Nine Year Old Novice, Wattanapol Sisawad to death by battering the young boy with a stick and hitting his head against a pillar.

Officials reported that the Buddhist Monk Suphachai Suthiyano, aged 64, flew into a rage when the young novice disrupted a prayer session with his playful antics.

The enraged Buddhist monk then proceeded to assault the young novice with a bamboo stick striking him on his back several times before bashing his head into a pillar. The temple is in Kanchanaburi, two hours west of Bangkok.

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The child fell into a coma afterward and passed away a few days later at the Kanchanaburi provincial hospital.

This latest incident comes in the face of scandals among the Buddhist clergy of Thailand which is majorly a Buddhist country.

Thailand has been seeing a rise in incidences of extortion, sex and drug use among the Buddhist clergy in the country.


The Thai Police confirmed the incident and revealed that the Buddhist Monk had been defrocked and charged with assault earlier in the week when the boy was in hospital.

It however said the charge would be revised to “assault resulting in death” following the death of the young novice from injuries.

The Mother of the victim Sukunya Tunhim told local Thai media via a taped phone call that she would never forgive the Buddhist Monk who killed her son.

The Buddhist faith is deeply interwoven with everyday life in Thailand hence it is common for most men and children, to spend some time in a monastery as novices.

Monks are virtually beyond reproach in the country’s villages, but the ruling junta has taken a strong line against clergy who break the law.

The Thai Government had earlier sentenced Thailand’s infamous jet-set monk to 114 years in prison for money-laundering and fraud. The Buddhist Monk earned the nickname after footage emerged of him carrying a Louis Vuitton bag on a private jet.

Another Buddhist Monk who was the abbot of the Golden Mount temple in Bangkok also surrendered to Police after $4 million was found in bank accounts in his name.

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