Buhari, a beneficiary of rigging, wants to kill riggers – By Farooq Kperogi


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It’s ironic that Buhari is complaining of rigging and even giving orders for security forces to extra-judicially murder alleged riggers even though he is a serial beneficiary of rigging. For instance, Attahiru Bafarawa, former Sokoto State governor who doubled as ANPP chairman, said he rigged the ANPP presidential primary election for Buhari in 2003–with Buhari’s knowledge and permission (see link in comment section). He rigged Okorocha out. The story came out on January 30, and it hasn’t been refuted up to now.

It’s also now very clear that Buhari’s 2015 “victory” was rigged. First, INEC’s data from the 2015 election showed that Buhari was a disproportionate beneficiary of possibly fraudulent votes that were masked with and legitimized by “incidence forms.” “Of the 31,746,490 accredited voters in the election, 13,536,311 — representing 42.6 percent of voters — voted without biometric accreditation. Out of this number, 10,184,720 votes are from states won by Buhari,” according to DeepDive Intelligence, which got the data from INEC’s website.

The most definitive evidence that the 2015 election was rigged in favor of Buhari came from the London Guardian of February 15. (See the link to the article in the comment section below). Here’s a snippet: “An analysis of separate figures shows that manipulation may have happened in favour of Buhari’s party, which was running in opposition to Goodluck Jonathan’s People’s Democratic party. A clue may have been dropped last July when the INEC, perhaps inadvertently, publicly referenced a different set of results from the one on which Buhari’s victory was based.

“Both documents showed 29.4 million votes were cast. But according to the original results, 31.7 million accredited voters participated in the election, whereas in the second set of results, that figure dropped to 23.6 million.”

So Buhari and his enablers should be shot first.

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