Buhari can’t unite Nigeria without trusting other regions – Makinde


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Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has taken President Muhammadu Buhari to task on Nigeria’s unity, urging the president to practise inclusivity in his administration.

Makinde, who spoke with the BBC Yoruba Service recently, said that the president could not unite the nation without putting faith in those from other regions than his own.

He warned that Nigeria might not make progress because of the present atmosphere of disunity.

The Oyo governor expressed concern that the president did not appoint any of the service chiefs from the South-East geopolitical zone.

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Asked the advice he would give to Buhari should he be granted an audience with him, Makinde said, “If I have such an opportunity, I will simply tell him that if he cannot trust those from other ethnic groups in the country to serve in the government, then we can never be united in this country.

“You see, it is very simple. Look at the Service Chiefs we have today. Why don’t we have anyone from South-Eastern zone?

“Is there no one in the military in that same zone that can occupy the topmost position?

“So, I will advise the Presidency to tone down the issue of ethnicity and seriously toe the path of unity in the country.

“I am saying this because if there is unity, we will experience progress in different sectors of our economy.”

He advised the Federal Government to exercise caution in dealing with separatists, noting that “the best approach to take care of headache is not to cut off such head”.

Meanwhile, Makinde said that since becoming governor, he has rigorously pursued his four key campaign promises – security, education, health and economic expansion through agribusiness.


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