Buhari Dog Incident: Prison Is a Place One must Experience In Life- Trader


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Joe Chinakwe who was arrested for naming his dog Buhari has said that his experience in prison was a positive one and that he learned many things.

The trader was kept in jail while the conditions for his bail was being perfected which was N50,000 with two sureties, who must be regular tax payers in the state, in like sum.

Speaking to newsmen, Chinakwe said about his experience in jail, “I am so happy. It is a joy to me. I have missed my family; that was most painful.

“Prison is a place to experience in one’s life. It is like a rehabilitation home: you learn many things there and there are many people you may not have the opportunity to talk to. “But in prison, you will sit down with them and discuss. There are many things you take for granted, but when you go to prison you know there is law.

“The only thing I am regretting about my coming to prison is the intimidation from the Hausa community. Going to prison is a golden moment for me.”

Chinakwe also revealed that apart from naming his dog Buhari, he also has 2 other dogs, one named Obama and the other called Joe.

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